Great Britain

August 2023

Herd reports

Huddlestone Farm ‘Minimally One Standard Deviation Between Stature and Chest Width.’

‘Many people look at the linear profile of sires for individual traits, while it is actually about the balance between traits....’ Keith Gue enjoys talking openly about current breeding themes...

September 2022


Unique in HI: Farms with the Highest kg/lb Fat + Protein Productions World-wide Part 1

In the Holstein world, high productions always speak to the imagination. Tremendous records of individual animals, but certainly also high averages at the herd level. But how high are the...

July 2022

Herd reports

Toi Toi Genetics: New Brown Swiss Source in Great Britain

When Brent and Anne Crothers emigrated seven years ago from New Zealand to Great Britain, they had milked Holsteins, Ayrshires and Jerseys for years – and also obtained various show...

March 2022

Herd reports

Hallon Holsteins The ambitious prefix from the West Midlands of Great Britain

The Hallon prefix may not yet be among the big names of the British breeding scene, but the name should certainly be taken note of. The work accomplished by the...