May 2022

Cow Families

Au-Parchy Anemone Much more than just the granddam of the great Jolie

When Jean-Pierre Fragnière sold his classy 30-cow herd last September, an era ended for one of the most interesting prefixes that Switzerland had to offer for a long time. For...

March 2020

Cow Families

Cow Country - March 2020

The 100-cow herd of Darita Holsteins in Indiana, Herd of Excellence in 2018, is the home of a bull-dam who only needed one son to make a name for herself....

April 2018

Herd reports

Gobeli - Synonymous with Passion, Family and World-Class Holsteins

Several months ago, when the Swiss herdbook held its SwissCow Convention at the farm of Alex Gobeli, it was a sign. The event, at which the best breeders in the...