August 2021

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DP - August 2021

‘Aptitude continues to be a popular progeny proven sire. He has settled in several markets and continues to sell well,’ says Mike West about the Davinci son, who via Epic,...

February 2018

Cow Families

Hard Working Cows with Outcross Blood - The Philosophy behind Gandy’s Genetics

Just less than two years ago, full brothers Gandy Valverde and Warren broke through on the Italian progeny proven top list. Sons of Goldday out of a Jardin dam. From...

August 2017

Cow Families

Cow Country - August 2017

On the Gandy dairy farm owned by the Gandolfi family in the northern Italian province of Mantova, the percentages of fat and protein, as well as protein quality, are prominent...

December 2023

Cow Families

Cow Country - December 2023

Al-Lew Ashley (Monterey-Mogul) was recently classified EX-95 in the USA. Her son Mr. Frazzled Aristocrat was the top-seller at the World Classic Sale and went for a gigantic sum of...