July 2023

Herd reports

Selz-Pralle Dairy: The Achievements of World Champion Aftershock 3918 Are Becoming More and More Impressive

Last February, the milky Joliam Salvator Ava 5251-RC EX-93 earned a prominent place in HI’s article about foundation sire Salvatore. Ava 5251 belongs to Selz-Pralle Dairy in Wisconsin; one of...

July 2022


Schau der Besten: Impressive Show Case for the Masterrind Breeding Region

‘Fantastic that we can do this again!’ Many participants, spectators, and organizers would have had a similar thought during their first elite show in perhaps two or maybe even three...

April 2019

United States of America

Cow Country - April 2019

Does the Jonsson family in Stöde, Sweden have an international production champion with their Wilhelmine, who will turn nine years old next month? Possibly not. However, it is certain that...

April 2019

United States of America

Cow Country 2 - April 2019

JK DG Esmeralda EX-90 is as special on paper as she is in real life. Firstly she is a product of the special Doorman-Goldwyn-Shottle cross, whilst on the maternal-side she...

September 2023

King Doc

NoBull Sires: Offering Credible Bulls from Time-Tested Genetics

The idea of NoBull Sires started four years ago. Tired of not being able to find sires from the time-tested dams they wanted, Ben Masemore, Ethan Wentworth and Rusty Herr...