Expo Bulle

May 2024


Expo Bulle 2024 A Sampling of the Many Highlights

‘Even if you were to take the very last cow in each class, then you would still have a group of outstanding cows.’ Yes, there was unanimity in Bulle: the...

September 2023

Cow Families

Barbabelle: A gift for the grandson and a new miracle weapon from P’tit Coeur

Of course you know about the P’tit Coeur barn of Roger Frossard in the Les Pommerats municipality in Switzerland. You know of him for his outstanding show and breeding cows,...

May 2023

Herd reports

Ruegruet Holsteins: Still one of the most interesting addresses in Switzerland

When we visited Ruegruet Holsteins almost 20 years ago, we found one of the most exciting addresses that Switzerland had to offer. Hardly any other farm had invested with similar...

May 2022


Expo Bulle 2022: Podium of the best Red Holstein show of all time?

In the final of the Expo Bulle, all eyes naturally turned towards the two new Swiss National Champions Hanna-Vray and All-Star Elegance. However, the conversations around the ring focused on...