Coyne Farms

November 2020

Sires Report

De la Source Piwi & Pop-PP: Remarkable Brother Duo in the French Index Top

Photography in the time of the coronavirus sometimes results in special pictures. For example, in the spacious gardens by the facilities of Genes Diffusion (GD) in the northern French city...

September 2020

Sires Report

Why this Bolton Son Certainly Deserves a Review

That is how it happened in 2009. Bull dam Mountfield Marsh Maxine VG-88-2yr had just recovered from a serious illness, and owners Marshfield-Fitzsimmons had decided together with the AI company...

June 2019

Herd reports

Coyne-Farms: How They Achieved 5 Global Cow Nominations in 3 Years

Numerous top TPI sires, globally impacting families and highly productive cattle thriving in a large scale environment are what symbolises the American Coyne-Farms herd. Home to the world-renown Yadda, Jelly...

March 2018

Cow Families

Cow Country - March 2018

The Northern Irish Hilltara herd first became famous thanks to Medway Supreme Maude EX-97. The herd owned by the McCormick family contains more remarkable families though, including the Echos, who...

November 2017

Cow Families

Coyne-Farms Mass Jill: Males More Successful than Females

With 3 sons on the TPI and LPI top-lists, along with 5 grand-sons and great grand-sons on the genomic top-lists in the US and Germany, Coyne-Farms Mass Jill is having...