September 2022

Sires report

BullTalk - September 2022

Cows with a slick hide (shorter and smoother hair) are able to better cope with high temperatures (see also page 7). For this reason, the number of sires with the...

January 2022


Cow Family Tournament: Responses from the Breeders

In December’s HI, you discovered the outcome of HI’s Global Cow Family Tournament; Comestar Laurie Sheik became #2 and Snow-N-Denises Dellia #1. On this page you can read the responses...

October 2021

Cow Families

Cow Country II - October 2021

The bull Bosside Rubel Rebel-Red (2808 gTPI) is out of Bosside Seasaw Abby (Seasaw-Gatedancer-Megasire) who is a top-20 TPI red or red-carrier cow in the US. ‘We purchased the Megasire...

Juni 2021

Cow Families

Here is the Grand Finale of HI's Cow Family Tournament

In HI’s March 2021 issue, you found preliminary round one: 50 impressive cow families from various continents. This presentation was followed in the April edition by preliminary round two, again...

April 2021

Cow Families

The sequel: Here is the Second Preliminary Round of HI’s Cow Family Tournament!

In our recent March issue, HI’s tournament of the world’s most influential cow families commenced with preliminary round 1, in which 50 promising cow families from continents other than North...

January 2020

Herd reports

An Interview with Marc Comtois, the Most Influential Breeder of the Past 25 Years!

The last couple of months have been especially exciting for Marc Comtois, of Comestar Holsteins at Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada. In December he learned that he was voted Nr.1 in HI’s...

December 2019

Herd reports

Here is #1 of the most influential breeders of the past 25 years: Comestar Holsteins

Bronze for Hanover-Hill. Silver for Regancrest. And now, in this December issue of HI, follows the gold medal: for Comestar Holsteins in Quebec, Canada! Is it a coincidence that gold...

December 2019

Cow Families

Cow Country - December 2019

Don Bennink of No-Fla Holsteins in Florida has a clear vision which guides his breeding in his over 10,000 head herd: his ideal cow has a slightly below average size,...

August 2018

Cow Families

Cow Country 1 - August 2018

In June, HI published part II of a unique overview of farms with the most living excellent cows. Appearing in fourth place on the Irish list was Lisnalty Holsteins with...