September 2023

Sires Report

BullTalk - September 2023

Last year in July he provided a memorable HI cover picture: the now four-year-old German bull Adissio-PP. ‘From the outset he was very popular; the first two years he was...

April 2023

Beef on dairy

Cogent: A Beef-on-Dairy Strategy Already Since 2009!

Beef-on-dairy is absolutely not a new phenomenon at the British AI company Cogent. ‘We launched our beef-on-dairy program in 2009 in order to ensure that we could make the right...

March 2023


(Virtually) Faultless Transmitters: Selected for You by Nearly All AI Companies World-wide

What is the value of a top bull with 3200 TPI if he transmits very short teats? What are the options for a sky high RZG sire if the stature...

December 2022

Sires Report

Jotan-Red European Trailblazer for the Conformation-Rich Altitudes

Today every Red Holstein or RC bull without an intensive link to Kamps-Hollow Altitude or one of her famous descendants, is embraced as an outcross sire. That is how tremendous...

July 2022


Beef-on-Dairy at Cogent: Strategic Use of Male Sexed Beef Semen

‘By the end of 2022 we expect figures to show that over 60% of beef produced in the UK comes from dairy herds,’ explains Cogent beef program manager Boomer Birch....

June 2022

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires Polled - June 2022

‘Hailstone is very popular and is thus following in the footsteps of bestselling homozygote polled sires like Dynamite-PP and Debut-PP,’ says Hannah Noble from Cogent about the son of Hulk-P...

March 2022


Unique HI Overview: These are the 92 Most Sold Holstein Sires at AI Companies Worldwide

Who were the most sold Holstein sires in 2021? The answer follows here, in a unique overview with 92 bestsellers from 38 breeding organizations in thirteen different countries. As well...

March 2022

Sires Report

BullTalk - March 2022

One of the remarkable millionaires in the world is Mainstream Manifold, a bull that no one initially expected would become a millionaire. However, he actually developed into one of the...

March 2022

Sires Report

Focus On... March 2022

After we presented several interesting RC newcomers in our February issue, we would now like to take a look at some special talents from the homozygous polled segment. We will...

October 2021

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires DNA - October 2021

‘We are thrilled with everything that Dynamite has done for us. He is one of the most beautiful bulls that we have ever had in the barns of Cogent. The...

March 2021

Sires Report

Focus on... March 2021

There are many traits that international Holstein breeding is working to develop at the moment. However, none of them have generated attention in the same way that feed efficiency has....

February 2021

Sires Report

Bull Talk - February 2021

Born in the US, housed in Canada, owned by a Spanish AI company. That is true of the young bull Siemers CD Pairing 31607. Sire analyst Juan Carlos Conde explains...