July 2018

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - Bestday & Pinch & Hemingway

In all of the breeding evaluations he has gone through in his young career he has placed in the German top-10, although he had never reached Nr.1...until April 2018 anyway....

June 2018

Sires report

BullTalk - June 2018

Owner RUW is very clear about their Epochal: ‘A type transmitter with superior quality.’ The German breeding company does not say this easily. The linear profile of this Epic son...

April 2018

Sires report

BullTalk - april 2018

In the long list of Monterey sons, Vogue Leap Year stands out for type: +3.35 on the American base, +11 on the Canadian base. Not surprisingly, as his dam is...

February 2018

Sires report

The Many Bulls from the Ladys-Manor Jem Family

Over the last 30 years, 10 generations of the Ladys-Manor Jem family have sent bulls to AI. Such family products as Winchester, Wildman, Marbach, Shamrock, Grafeeti, Olympian and Octoberfest have...

January 2018

Sires report

Seaver: Goldwyn Son With a Difference

Goldwyn was one of those “once in a lifetime” type of bulls in the way that he dominated show-rings around the world like no other sire. His many high-type sons...

October 2017

Sires report

Intriguing Sires DP = Jameson & Addiction & Midnight

Jameson ranks at Nr.4 on the list in Germany, and is one of 7 in the top-10 that are out of Balisto dams. His mother Veenhuizer K&L Nelize is owned...

September 2017

Sires report

Intriguing Sires - Nighsky & Semino & Bloomfield

Nightsky is the highest son available so far from the former Nr.1 gTPI female, Nightout. Nightout is one of the Uno daughters of Miss OCD Robust Delicious, and is therefore...

August 2017

Sires report

BullTalk - August 2017

Last month we wrote about the “comeback” of progeny proven sires; in more and more countries, they are able to get closer to the DNA top. This is also the...

August 2017

Sires report

High-Type Unix: Was He Worth The Hype?

Want to know more about the top conformation Uno-son who carries his sire’s key qualities, but unlike Uno, he transmits ample milk? Read all about Unix, the new breed-leader, here!