February 2022


BullTalk - February 2022

‘Dreambig has been quite popular since he became available, but now, eighteen months after starting, has had his bestselling month. To me, that means that dairy farmers see good conception...

January 2022


BullTalk - January 2022

‘During the past few years I have witnessed the Holstein breed becoming whiter. It is increasingly difficult to find a good bull that is 75% or more black. I manage...

November 2020


Totem, Burley, Gladius – The most interesting Outcross Sires at the top level

Really, the problem is impossible to solve. Year after year since 2011, HI has searched for the Outcross Sire of the Year. Naturally, the search is for alternative pedigrees, but...

April 2020


Intriguing Sires 2020 - April

The deep D family owned by the Niermanns (KNS Holsteins) has already proven itself for generations. And with Belsan, this strong breeding German cow family has provided another high-scoring transmitter....