April 2022


The Premiere: Polled Impact Competition 2022!

It is the first time that HI is conducting a vote for the Polled Impact Cow, but that does not mean that we are too late or too early: Quite...

April 2020

Sires Report

Bull Talk - April 2020

At the German breeding company RBB, the use of DNA sires is high: 75%. Even so, among the progeny proven bulls, one stands out – the Larcrest Commander son Calvo....

March 2020

Cow Families

Bomaz Pizza: 30 Years of Hard Work An Experiment that Paid Off

The Nr.1 NM sire, Nr.2 gTPI sire, Nr.1 NM cow, Nr.1 gTPI female (<9 months old) and Nr.1 gPLI sire. What do they have in common? Impressively they’re all members...

September 2019

Sires Report

Focus on... September 2019

On first glance, it is the all-around positive values for all management and health traits that grab attention. Additionally, there is the good heritability for production and proper conformation with...

December 2018

Cow Families

Elevation Dawn: Non-Stop in Bomaz’s Future

Bomaz, the farm owned by the Zwald and Schalla families in Wisconsin, with Skywalker and AltaDelson-P, bred two young sires that are remarkable right now. Both descend from the family...

February 2018

Sires Report

BullTalk - February 2018

He is Nr.2 among the highest available black & white Dutch sires for type (see table): Lowlands Debark, owned by CRV. The DNA tested Danno son combines his 114 type...

February 2018

Sires Report

Intriguing Sires - February 2018

Usually in today’s genomic world, as a female ages the attention of her breeding potential is refocussed to the next generation. Luckily for Canada’s new Nr.1 Biggie, the attention on...

November 2017

Herd reports

Bomaz: Successful with Consistent Breeding for Production and Fitness

The highest DNA bull with an AI code (Bomaz Skywalker, 2961 gTPI) and 14 female Holsteins in the top-200 for Net Merit; the Bomaz prefix is very strongly woven with...