November 2022

Sires Report

BullTalk - November 2022

One of the young and enthusiastic dairy farmers and breeders from Canada, without a doubt, is Tony van Lith. His “Valiant” prefix is quickly gaining recognition, also in part due...

January 2021

Herd reports

Blumenfeld: Progressive Breeding Program Delivering Successful Bulls

Blumenfeld has become a prominent name as a source of bulls for the breed – Resolve debuted last year in the top-10 of the TPI proven sire charts, while the...

September 2020

Sires Report

Focus On... September 2020

When it comes to the development of the breed, Holstein bulls that are carriers of the red factor have time and time again had their hands on the wheel. And...

May 2020

Sires Report

BullTalk - May 2020

They reign in Italy. Sire Mirabell Sound System is Nr.1 on the progeny proven list, while his grandson Zani Inseme Stradivari is Nr.1 on the DNA-tested list. As such, Sound...