Au Parchy Doorman Jolie

May 2022


Au-Parchy Anemone Much more than just the granddam of the great Jolie

When Jean-Pierre Fragnière sold his classy 30-cow herd last September, an era ended for one of the most interesting prefixes that Switzerland had to offer for a long time. For...

November 2021

United States of America

Cow Country II - November 2021

The cow that we are talking about here is an original US product and has her home there at Budjon Farms. However, Our-Favorite Lustre, the VG-89 King Doc out of...

September 2023

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Feet and Legs: It’s Complicated!

Genetic advancement has been impressive, not only for production but for health and type traits too. Udders are now much more uniform across the breed than ever before, and a...