January 2021

Sires Report

Top Sires Waiting For Their Turn

This is a scene from fall 2019, which we encountered when we were allowed to enter the bull barns of Accelerated Genetics near the town of Baraboo in Wisconsin. Here...

January 2020

Herd reports

AOT: A Very Influential Name with a Hidden Secret!

Currently AOT Silver Helix reigns supreme as the Nr.1 TPI daughter-proven sire in the US following his breakthrough in August of 2019. His maternal sister AOT Salvatore Hiccup is the...

November 2019

Sires Report

Helix: The Leading Daughter-Proven Bull in the US

With a jump of 162 TPI points, AOT Silver Helix stormed to the top of the TPI list in August. The Silver son from the Halo family combines big-time production...