Hahn/Radke: Dairyness, Strength, and Udders, with the Spotties as Exemplary

In January 2008, DT Spottie adorned the cover of HI’s “Excellency Issue”. More than ten years later, the EX-93 Derry from the Prelude Spottie family is still alive and well on the Hahn/Radke farm, where she provided four EX daughters. The powerful quartet includes the 12-year-old Shottle daughter Fux Spotlight EX-95 and Fux Seattle EX-92 – a daughter of Hahn/Radke’s favourite bull Gold Chip and the picture cow for this report. It is precisely the Spottie family that forms the heart of this downright impressive herd – both for type and production – in the southern part of the German state of Saxony.

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