Ghardaia: The Splendid Breakthrough of Rogy Holsteins

Grand Champions of the prestigious Swiss Expo in Lausanne all enter Holstein history with full capitalization. Because victory at the prestigious Swiss Expo is in a “class of its own”. Being in a class of her own also describes the glamourous winner of the 2018 edition of the Swiss Expo: Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia, owned by Joe Demierre. Was Ghardaia a surprise? Absolutely not, because a little over a month earlier, she was triumphant at the well-known Expo Junior Bulle. But Ghardaia is more than a famous Swiss Expo winner. She also indicates the strength of a unique cow family. As such, Gharadia marks the international breakthrough of owner Rogy Holsteins and her valuable family, which has been deeply anchored for numerous generations at Rogy. Travel with us to the Jura Mountains in western Switzerland – close to the village of La Joux.

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