September 2021

Herd reports

Poppe Holsteins: Source of ­High-Testing Sires with a Clear Message

Poppe Snow-RC symbolizes the successful introduction of Poppe Holsteins in the European bull market. Now, a decade later, Poppe sires like San Remo, Sanchez-P, Freestyle and the German leader Flight-Red...

Juli 2021


Intriguing Sires DNA - July 2021

Beerbum, after his Nr.1 debut with the December release, solidified his leading position in April. In addition, the Denovo Outlay (<Quantum) son is runner-up for the popular Italian index IES....

February 2021

Cow Families

GGA Jolene – From homegrown to one of the most fashionable breeding wellsprings in Europe

She is the dam of the internationally intensively used sire of sons Keith and of the popular polled sire and DTG bull Mali-P. But above all, GGA Balisto Jolene is...