November 2022

Herd reports

Brigeen Farms: Historic breeders herd with a modern and progressive outlook

‘Cow families are extremely important to us, because we are looking for predictability in breeding results.’ Betsy Bullard from Brigeen Farms attaches great value to the carefully constructed cow families...

August 2022


Pine-Tree from the Steiner Family: Continuous Vision in Combination with Abundant Passion

We will begin with her for a moment anyway. Even though, the Steiner family – the owner of Pine-Tree Dairy – will not quickly put her in the forefront nowadays....

December 2021

Cow Families

HI’s Cow Family Tournament: Here are the highest ranking, numbers 2 & 1!

In the HI issues of September, October, and November, the excitement continued to rise; in the meantime, you have become acquainted with numbers 3 through 10. Now follows the absolute...