Cow Country 1 - February 2022

Dellarossa Inseme Belfante (<AltaZarek/4179 gPFT) is one of the most complete young sires in Italy. Appearing behind the Inseme transmitter is an intriguing cow family, developed at the family operation Allevamento Dellarossa (200 milking cows) in the north-western region of Piemonte. Its foundation was laid by a Dutch Etazon Laurel (<Blackstar) daughter. ‘In 1999, after a brucellosis outbreak, we replaced the herd with Holsteins from Germany and the Netherlands,’ shares Marco Dellarossa. The key cow in Belfante’s pedigree is Dellarossa Doorman Umbria VG-87 (Doorman-Manifold-Die-Hard-Alton). Umbria is remembered by Dellarossa as an average statured and very milky cow. Her daughter Dellarossa Modesty Ambra VG-85 provided the AI bull Dellarossa Inseme Centallo (<Topnotch/3911 gPFT). Umbria, based on her high PFT and TPI, was also flushed with Rubicon and Mr Coin Draco. Partly as a result of this, she currently has more than 30 descendants in the herd. Dellarossa: ‘One of the most notable qualities of the Umbria line is the outstanding fertility. So far, a Rubicon out of Umbria has become pregnant each year with just one insemination. The first three years even with sexed semen.’ The line of Umbria to Belfante traces via daughter Dellarossa Draco Zebra VG-88 and granddaughter Dellarossa Soundsystem Bea. A Zarek daughter out of Bea, and thus a full sister of Belfante, calved in October with a Progenesis Espn bull calf.

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