Out now: January 2019


One of the most striking editions ever of Holstein International! Yes, we definitely dare to use that title for the January 2019 issue. The issue that is now on the way to all HI subscribers worldwide! In this edition you will find one of the most prestigious competitions ever launched in Holstein breeding: the election of the best breeders of the past 25 years. This is to celebrate HI's 25-year anniversary. A complete top 100 with nominated breeders has been published and we ask you as a subscriber to choose your favorites.

Besides this competition you will find much more! How do we reduce the height of the Holsteins? How are TPI and NM $ composed? How does leader Dreau see the opportunities of Europe? Discover the cow with the most excellent daughters. All new bull indexes. How was Rudy Missy bred? Polled top actresses. Reports from, among others, Eildon-Tweed and Warnelview ...

We already told you: perhaps the most striking HI edition ever! So ABSOLUTELY do not miss out on this one!