HI’s December issue is here!


This month HI takes you on a journey to four exciting herds. First, we visit Eberhard: Germany’s best herd for milk production. Next, we bring you to the United States of America visiting Lorita Holsteins in California and Kiko Holsteins in Ohio. At Lorita Holsteins at least 120 animals score above 3.00 gPTAT and the highest, Lorita Doc Leah, is even at 4.36 gPTAT. Finally, we take you on a special trip to the Trio Dairies in Russia, housing 6,500 Holsteins, including 3,050 milking cows.

Furthermore, this month you can enjoy no less than five cow family stories, an interview with Frédéric Lepoint of Gène Diffusion about many breeding topics, four management articles i.a. about cow comfort and as many as 14 sires are being highlighted in Holstein International.

And then: it is December so completely free with your HI copy follows the magnificent annual poster “Grand Champions around the World”! Please don’t forget to vote for your personal favourite from the 20 candidates on this poster!