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Silver: Still the Most Popular Bull at ABS Global

February 2019

The most photographed bull?

Mr Mogul Delta: Consistent Source of Modern Holstein Cows

February 2019

With eleven sons in the TPI top-50, the consistent breeding qualities of Miss OCD Delicious are being clearly underscored. This consistency turns out to be epitomized by Delicious’ Mogul son Delta, who stands out with nearly 4,000 daughters in America’s top-5, and appeals to both breeders and commercial dairy farmers with his modern breeding pattern.

Focus on... Highly Productive and Prolific

February 2019

Anyone who breeds Holsteins will always have the traits milk production and fertility integrated in his philosophy in some way. And this exactly is a matter of two of the biggest contrasts the breed has to offer. If you breed intensely on production, then you make a compromise when it comes to fertility. That’s at least what history has been teachi...

Intriguing Sires - Barcley & Jingle & Millington

February 2019

It was the first 24 daughters with production data and 46 daughters with classification data that lifted the Balisto son Barcley to Nr.2 on the German top-list. The December debut for the former Nr.1 genomic young sire in Germany had been announced by already having sold over 50,000 doses. He has been among the top-sellers for his owner Qnetics for...

BullTalk - February 2019

February 2019

We gave you a tip about him earlier already, the successful sire of sons for Red Holsteins: Mr Salvatore. In Canada, Germany and the US, we find numerous attractive sons. But: also in the Czech Republic. There the red & white Salvatore son Agras Zuma-Red (2614 gTPI; 8/2018) is flourishing with nearly faultless type, lots of milk and favourable figu...

Focus on - January 2019

January 2019

Have you ever tried to find a sire of sons that has a high overall breeding value with below average inheritance for frame size? We admit that the search is tedious. While dairy farmers and breeders or sire analysts agree that the breed does not need more frame, sires with below average frame size in the important group of sires of sons are the exc...

BullTalk - January 2019

January 2019

He is now more than 6 years old but continues to work hard. ‘He is still the most sold bull at Select,’ says Jeff Ziegler from owner Select Sires. ‘Bacon-Hill Montross is an outstanding semen producer and all of the semen that he produces is still being sold. He continues to be a hit for top production, without sacrificing fertility. His lifetime t...

Meet the World’s 55th Holstein millionaire: Seagull-Bay Supersire

December 2018

At the end of this month, on December 28, 2018, he will turn 8 years old – and by then will have substantially exceeded one million doses produced. In early November, the millionth dose of Supersire semen was namely sold by World-Wide Sires, as reported Scott Ruby from WWS. This makes Seagull-Bay Supersire the 55th bull in the world to pass this ph...

Focus on - December 2018

December 2018

In contrast to beta casein, whose ideal form is A2A2, the kappa casein variant has real economic meaning. Milk from cows with the ideal genotype of BB can give a 1.5% increase in cheese yield at the same protein concentration compared to the AA or AE genotypes. Especially in regions with strong concentration on cheese production, sires with the BB variant play an important role. Today we are presenting 4 special talents.

BullTalk - December 2018

December 2018

Those who thought that genomics would eliminate them… are mistaken! They still exist, the tenacious super-millionaires. In October, we reported that the 15-year-old Planet passed the milestone of 1.5 million doses. A sire that had already done so in 2016 was Mainstream Manifold. And you know what? This 14-year-old O-Man son is still producing and h...

Intriguing Sires - Artist & Solito-Red & Thunder Storm

December 2018

Since his start a good year ago, Stone-Front Artist has been one of the best-liked sires in the program of St Jacobs ABC. And now, with his first calves impressing at their farms, the run on Artist semen has continued unabated. ‘Yes, he is just keeping up with the high demand,’ says Brian Behnke. The business director of St Jacobs is starting to ge...

Progenesis Fortune: Outcross Prospect at the Highest Level

November 2018

In early October, at Character Holsteins in Canada, the Marius daughter Peaches was celebrated as the first female Holstein above 3000 gTPI for the Progenesis breeding program. A special detail: Peaches’ maternal grandsire Progenesis Fortune was selected by HI in the same month as Outcross Sire 2018. Thanks to granddaughter Peaches and especially numerous high-testing sons, Fortune stands out as an outcross bull with enormous potential.

Apoll-P-Red – Not a Perfect Nr.1, but Unbelievably Influential

November 2018

At the start of this career he was the German Nr.1 among the red young sires. Then came his sons and Schreur Apoll, the Aikman son of the famous Verhages Bos Candlelight-Red-P, dominated Germany’s toplists for reds on a genomic basis, particularly the list for polled sires. His talent as a sire of sons also produced some noteworthy sons internationally. Now, three and a half years after his debut, the first daughters of the German production machine are milking. And as was expected, Apoll takes the pole position on a daughter basis. Apoll-P-Red is certainly not a sire without flaws but nonetheless is one of the most influential red polled sires ever. <br>

Intriguing Sires - Neutron & Daylite & Jacuzzi

November 2018

Since April, Neutron has been in the Italian top-3 and is thus the most significant new name behind the reigning leader, Sound System. ‘Neutron is not only our second highest tested genomic bull behind the phenomenal Sound System, but is also in the top-10 IES, an index which compared to the PFT is even more geared to the economic traits and has re...

Intriguing Sires - Garant & Harper & Melvin

November 2018

With an increase of 5 points for his overall breeding value to 135 RZG and an impressive 8-point gain for conformation to a strong value of 134 RZE, Garant was one of the most conspicuous newcomers in Germany following the August evaluations. With that, the OHG sire, who is no longer alive but from whom there is a sufficient reserve of semen, the N...

Focus on - November 2018

November 2018

For commercial dairy farmers, it likely does not make a difference if a sire was born via ET/IVF or via more natural means. But for organic farms it does matter. The selection of naturally bred sires among the best bulls in the breed is extremely small and is well below 10%. We will present a few here that belong among the best of the breed even wi...

BullTalk - November 2018

November 2018

He is one of the top-5 highest gTPI Red Holstein bulls and is widely available: Rhala-Re Blues-Red. Good for 2664 gTPI, owned by AI Total, a son of Salvatore (see elsewhere on this page) and good for all-round type. All-round actually describes the entire profile of Blues-Red, because there are no faults to be found. Sure, the components are neutra...

Rubicon: Shaping the Breed via his Sons and Grand-Sons

October 2018

Mogul sons abound among the top ranks on daughter-proven sire lists around the globe. Which one is the best? A strong contender for that title now would be the bull that currently sits at Nr.1 on the TPI charts, EDG Rubicon. Here is a glimpse at the life of Rubicon and his growing impact on the breed.

Poison: Popsy Son is Italy’s New Nr.1

October 2018

In 2012, Muri Popsy created a stir as the nr.1 gTPI cow of Europe. Now, six years later, the Planet daughter from the deep Italian cow family is in the limelights again. Her Doorman son Poison – never in the top as a DNA bull – is the highest progeny proven bull in the country and is praised for his uniform and balanced offspring.

Westcoast Swingman: The new “Hot Thing” in Canadian Red & Whites

October 2018

From time to time a generational sire appears that is a cut above the rest. In the world of red & whites, Westcoast Swingman appears to be such a bull. He is currently being heavily used as a sire of sons by owners Semex, and will have semen widely available in the coming months. Here is the background on the latest “hot thing” in Canadian red & whites.

Here is the Very Newest Super-Millionaire: Planet!

October 2018

It has happened! Eight giants have preceded him. One of these weeks, Ensenada Taboo Planet, more than 15 years old, will become the world’s ninth bull to reach the gigantic milestone of 1.5 million doses of semen sold. And it must be said: in the DNA era, this is an even more remarkable feat. After all, the first seven bulls to surpass 1.5 million...

Outcross Sire of the Year 2018 – Three Years after his Sire, Fortune takes to the Spotlight

October 2018

Despite his age of three years, he still possesses outstanding numbers with 3315 gLPI and 2734 gTPI. His owner Semex alone has 12 sons with over 2850 gTPI and 17 sons with over 3500 gLPI in their lineup. His influence will certainly be felt worldwide. The fact that Progenesis Fortune become the new titleholder for Outcross Sire of the Year has a different reason, being the combination of his genetic potential with an out of the ordinary pedigree. While he doesn’t get away from Shottle, Goldwyn, or O-Man, with Octoberfest-Tango-Epic he has an unusual background behind his sire. As such, there are enough strengths for Fortune, the Outcross Sire of the Year 2018.

Intriguing Sires - Luster-P & Nagano-P & Marsden-P

October 2018

‘Even though it is still early in his career, Luster has rapidly risen to become one of the most popular polled sires in our program,’ says Rick VerBeek from Select Sires, who indicates that the nearly two-year-old son of OCD Eraser Zipit out of Kingboy daughter Cherry-Lor Loma (from the family of Tiger-Lilly Lawnboy Lulu) is being heavily sold in...

BullTalk - October 2018

October 2018

Two years ago, his debut created quite the stir. Westcoast Styx-Red broke through with strong DNA total indexes in various countries; in his homeland of Canada, he was nr.1. That led to immediate action, especially in Germany, where he provided a flood of red & white sons in the recent August release. No less than four sons in the top list, of whic...

Focus on - October 2018

October 2018

For anybody studying the current bull catalogues will notice a severe lack of sires that inherit a high overall genetic level while also correcting for the increasingly short teat length in the Holstein population. Here are four examples of young sires that are exceptions to the trend and have high overall breeding values along with significantly p...

Intriguing Sires - Gywer & Discjockey & Kenobi

September 2018

He’s the Nr.1 RZG bull in Germany at 165 and he is also a red carrier! Gywer is sired by the Doorsopen son Boldi Gymnast and backed by a Lobach (<Lexor) and then a Snow, the source of the red factor. Gywer was bred by Heino Ahrens, of Walsrode. ‘At over 2200kg he is one of the top milk bulls in Germany and combines it with 73kg of protein,’ comment...

Focus on - September 2018

September 2018

‘If polled, then homozygous polled!’ – This is the declaration of many dairy farmer that are playing with the thought of breeding their herd to polled bulls. However, the selection of highly-desired PP sires is still limited. In “focus on…” we will present 5 sires who inherit both PP as well as RC and all count among the best in the world for these...

BullTalk - september 2018

September 2018

As a young DNA bull, Weigeline Tabasco expressly remained off the gTPI radar. With an average of 2515 gTPI, he did not stand out in 2014 and 2015; at the time, Rubicon and Delta reigned with about 2710 gTPI. But today, with 630 daughters in production, Tabasco has made a tremendous move and scores 2731 TPI – good for the Nr.5 TPI position! An enorm...

BullTalk - august 2018

August 2018

A note from the outset: this is not a Holstein bull! But: he is black & white and so special that he deserves his own place as a British-Friesian. Catlane Chad was the most used bull at Genus/ABS in Great Britain in 2016 and 2017. As such, Chad is probably the most used British black & white bull for all breeds – also for Holsteins. That means that...

Focus on - August 2018

August 2018

Bulls with a profile that offers more strength than size are few and far between. While hardly any breeder or sire analyst wants to bring more size into their herd of the population at large, there are few bulls that inherit such a profile. This month in our “Focus On…” segment we will present four sires who do fit the bill. They are a rare species...

Intriguing Sires - Bluebill & Helix & Multicast

July 2018

Bluebill has become the leading contender in the race to catch the long-time Italian Nr.1, Sound System... and he’s a rare Gatedancer (Alta1stClass-Supersire) son in the top ranks. Bred by Schulz GbR in Germany, Bluebill is out of a Commander from a Bookem and then a Man-O-Man that was imported to Germany as an embryo from the long-time Nr.1 index...

Intriguing Sires - Bestday & Pinch & Hemingway

July 2018

In all of the breeding evaluations he has gone through in his young career he has placed in the German top-10, although he had never reached Nr.1...until April 2018 anyway. The latest evaluation, which used a new formula for longevity and with the yearly base adjustment thoroughly changed the German toplists, and it was the catapult to Nr.1 for the...

Focus on - July 2018

July 2018

In the aAa system used by many dairy farmers, the “6” is the for the base type “style.” It describes a centrally placed thurl, durable bones, a long rump and is associated with fewer feet problems and longevity. However, the number “6” in the codes for the global Holstein breed is dramatically decreasing. It is ever harder to find a sire with a “6” in one of the first three positions of the code. As such, today we are presenting four young sires in our new section “Focus On…” who have a “6” in one of the first two positions of their aAa code.

BullTalk - July 2018

July 2018

With 3293 gLPI, he is the highest Red Holstein bull in Canada. With 2676 gTPI, he is the highest Red Holstein bull in the US. And with 154 gRZG he is one of the top-5 Red Holsteins in Germany! And hence, a genuine red & white globetrotter and a popular sire of sons. ‘Westcoast Swingman-Red is a very nice young bull and fortunately Semex has already...

The HI Sire Guide: Charley Sons: Global Access to Sensational Genetics

June 2018

DG Charley, the production and somatic cell specialist from the esteemed Crimson family, is distinguishing himself with high sons in Germany, Italy and the US. There he provided Charl, who has been sky high on the gTPI list since December. With sons in so many countries, Charley differs from many current sires of sons, who normally speaking receive more limited use.

BullTalk - June 2018

June 2018

Owner RUW is very clear about their Epochal: ‘A type transmitter with superior quality.’ The German breeding company does not say this easily. The linear profile of this Epic son is truly remarkable: 1894 classified daughters provide him with a splendid type index of 131, complete with a sloped rump and slightly longer teats; nowhere does Epochal s...

Intriguing Sires - Charl & Jeronimo & Treasure

June 2018

Apart from his sky-high genomic values and the fact that he is the Nr.2 gTPI and Nr.1 NM$ sire ($1074), what else do you know about the bull whose name index-fans have been following – Hurtgenlea Richard Charl? At Hurtgenlea in Wisconsin the Hurtgen family milk 150 cows at an average of 27,000lb (12,246kg), 4.1%, 3.2%. Charl’s family is the stronge...

BullTalk - May 2018

May 2018

In 2011, HI started its annual publication of notable outcross bulls. In October 2011, Va-Early-Dawn Sudan became HI’s first “Outcross Sire of the Year”. Today Sudan is celebrating some nice triumphs: in Canada, his son Comestar Lautrust is the nr.1 progeny proven bull, in France, his son Hurion Isy is the nr.1 progeny proven sire. Two nr.1 sires o...

BullTalk - april 2018

April 2018

In the long list of Monterey sons, Vogue Leap Year stands out for type: +3.35 on the American base, +11 on the Canadian base. Not surprisingly, as his dam is the splendid Doorman daughter Belfast Doorman Lovestruck VG-88-3yr. That back has a streak of excellent dams: EX-93 Goldwyn, EX-92 Durham, EX-91 Cousteau and then the legendary Thiersant Lili...

BullTalk - March 2018

March 2018

It is not surprising that the influence of the milky Bacon-Hill Montross continues to increase. Elsewhere on this page we highlight his Italian son VanHalen, but his American son Cookiecutter Hang-Time (2754 gTPI) also deserves full attention. Of course, he also stood in the shadow of their powerful half-brother Jedi, but Hang-Time (just 56 GTPI po...

BullTalk - February 2018

February 2018

He is Nr.2 among the highest available black & white Dutch sires for type (see table): Lowlands Debark, owned by CRV. The DNA tested Danno son combines his 114 type with a total index of 334 gNVI, along with nice scores for the majority of fitness traits. Particularly special about Debark’s pedigree is that Etazon Renate is a double great grand-dam...

Intriguing Sires - February 2018

February 2018

Usually in today’s genomic world, as a female ages the attention of her breeding potential is refocussed to the next generation. Luckily for Canada’s new Nr.1 Biggie, the attention on his breed-leading transmitting dam S-S-I Suprsire Miri VG-89 (photo) was not wavered as she progressed into her milking career. Biggie was born nearly 2 years after M...

BullTalk - January 2018

January 2018

Are you looking for outcross? Sires from deep cow families with several lactations, longevity and proven type? And DNA figures are less important to you? Then 2-year-old Spell It is an interesting choice. He is a son of Big Spell out of a VG-87 fourth lactation daughter of the appreciated Italian longevity specialist Prince. The grand-dam is a VG-8...

BullTalk - December 2017

December 2017

Do you know who is among the most sold sires at World-Wide Sires? Mapel Wood Brewmaster! The now 7-year-old Canadian is very popular world-wide, explains Scott Ruby from WWS. As a young sire, Garrett son Brewmaster was certainly not in the top DNA lists, but now, progeny proven, the Genervations graduate is among the toppers in both Canada (Nr.4, 3...

Intriguing Sires - Montey & Judo & Vitesse

December 2017

With Montross, the American brood cow Unique-Style Bolton Money EX-93 provided the most influential Mogul son. In combination with Mogul, Money also provided a second successful transmitter: Monty, whose semen is being sold by Accelerated Genetics, the company that was taken over by Select Sires on July 1. Monty currently has 116 daughters in his p...