Outcross Sire of the Year 2018 – Three Years after his Sire, Fortune takes to the Spotlight

Despite his age of three years, he still possesses outstanding numbers with 3315 gLPI and 2734 gTPI. His owner Semex alone has 12 sons with over 2850 gTPI and 17 sons with over 3500 gLPI in their lineup. His influence will certainly be felt worldwide. The fact that Progenesis Fortune become the new titleholder for Outcross Sire of the Year has a different reason, being the combination of his genetic potential with an out of the ordinary pedigree. While he doesn’t get away from Shottle, Goldwyn, or O-Man, with Octoberfest-Tango-Epic he has an unusual background behind his sire. As such, there are enough strengths for Fortune, the Outcross Sire of the Year 2018.

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