Advertorial: 4 ways activity monitors can pay for themselves


Nedap CowControl is beneficial to both you and your cows.


4 ways activity monitors can pay for themselves

Dairy farming is a wonderful job like no other. But it also presents its fair share of challenges. There’s peace of mind knowing you have technology on your farm to help you stay in control and make your best better. Nedap CowControl brings actionable insights to your fingertips to help you save on labor and resources. A smart investment at any milk price. Here are four ways activity monitoring can pay off in your herd.

1. Improved labor efficiency

Activity monitoring systems can detect heats 24/7. Nedap CowControl can even help you find cows quickly by telling exactly where they are in in the pen. A few extra minutes here and there quickly add up, and saved time can be spent doing more productive farm tasks. Or even help you get the kids to sports on time.

2. Reduced health issues

Illnesses don’t wait. Neither should you. Nedap CowControl continuously monitors eating activity, rumination patterns and inactive behavior. You can quickly detect diseases days before a cow shows symptoms. Finding and addressing potentially sick cows saves you time and money because the cows can bounce back quickly and return to peak milk sooner.

3. Improved conception rates

Don’t guess the optimal breeding time. Activity monitoring systems accurately pinpoint it. This improves conception rates, reduces breeding costs and shortens open periods.

4. Improved cow comfort and longevity

Comfortable cows produce more milk. Nedap CowControl offers insights to help you improve housing, handling, nutrition and employee performance. For example, if you see chewing time drop in a whole group of cows, it could indicate their ration is imbalanced. Improvements based on these insights pay off in terms of cow production, health and longevity.

Where to start saving on labor and Resources?

Contact your A.I. or milking equipment supplier. Leading suppliers partner with Nedap to include its activity monitoring system in their solutions.