Ptit Coeur in Switzerland - A Very Different Story than you would Expect

With the name Ptit Coeur, you likely think of the magnificent Red Holstein cow Kalinka: Tremendous in the show ring, but also tremendous for longevity. Or of the victory of DH Gold Chip Darling at the recent Swiss Expo. Or of the title “Suprême Éleveur” (Premier Breeder) at the Swiss National Show 2016. Or of the other star: Iron daughter Ptit Coeur Dirona. However, Ptit Coeur’s story is very different than you would expect. Behind all these successes is the story of the young breeder Roger Frossard, who in 2002 at 22 years of age, suddenly had to take over the farm from his dad. And then immediately decided to change the strategy. Here is the background of Ptit Coeur.

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