Hurtgenlea: Unswerving Breeding Strategy and Powerful Cow Family Lead to Remarkable Success

In December 2017, he debuted in the top position of the prestigious top-200 for DNA bulls in the US. In the meantime, he has remained stable in the top-3. We are talking about Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, who combines 2920 gTPI with 1075 gNM$. He is a son of DG Charley from the powerful 4-year-old Hurtgenlea Yoder Modesto VG-86, who became a “Dam of Merit” at a young age. Yes, with Charl and Modesto, we are considering two jewels from the modern Hurtgenlea herd owned by the Hurtgen family from Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Are they surprising, Charl and Modesto? Absolutely not, so read along to discover the quality demonstrated by both Hurtgenlea and the Marissa family for generations already.

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