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  • All our readers have a noted interest in the Holstein breed
  • With advertising in Holstein International you will reach a global audience – online and offline
  • This global audience gets your message clear as they can read it in their preferred language as Holstein International is published in 5 languages: English, German, French, Dutch and Italian
  • Reach a region or language specific audience by advertising in The Holstein Hub, HIPlus! KuhFacto or by inserting a flyer or brochure to a select audience based on language and/or location: zip code, state, country, continent, etc.
  • Competitive advertising rates
  • Free artwork for your full color advertisement
  • Free Holstein International subscription


"Advertising in Holstein International has given me so much global recognition and awareness. No social media can beat that.

At first I somewhat dreaded the rates, but the many valuable industry contacts I the gained from advertising in Holstein International has repaid it abundantly.

As a judge I have also visited many countries being a judge and no matter where you are in the world, Holstein International is seen as the breeding magazine."

Nico Bons

Bons-Holsteins, Ottoland (NL)
Breeder & judge

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Holstein International 2019
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7 December
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January 20204 December

KuhFacto 2019Deadline submissions
March25 February
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October23 September
December4 December

HI Plus! 2019Deadline submissions
February28 January
April3 April
June27 May
September26 August
November28 October

The Holstein Hub 2019Deadline submissions
March11 February
June8 May
September19 August
December11 November

Brown Swiss International 2019Deadline submissions
July3 June

Dairy Breeds International 2019Deadline submissions
May3 April