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When you place a banner with us, we design it free of charge!

Need more information? Contact Meino, Jeroen, Berber, or Evelyn Tel. (+31) 58 257 4345 | sales@holsteininternational.com

Advertising on the Global Holstein Network

Announce your event, job posting, or genetics on our Global Holstein Network.

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Inquire about the possibilities: Tel.: +31-58 257 4345 or sales@holsteininternational.com


Your contact for reservations or inquiries about advertising:

Berber van Amerongen

Meino Annema  

Jeroen Houweling

Tel: (+31) 58 257 43 45
Fax: (+31) 58 257 41 00
E-mail: sales@holsteininternational.com


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