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The #1 magazine for Holstein dairymen
An unbiased perspective on global Holstein breeding

Analysis - Farm reports - Cow families - Proven sires - Sire indexes - Genetics - History - Reproduction - Management - Interviews - Red Holstein

HI is published monthly in six different languages with over 45,000 readers in more than 60 countries.

Your information source for breeding decisions

HI is your source of information when selecting new bulls and making other important breeding decisions. Via a number of background articles you will be directly informed about the strengths and weaknesses of bulls that receive global use, from an objective and unbiased perspective. Furthermore, you will be introduced first-hand to the most current cow families. The expert editors at HI closely follow worldwide breeding trends and make this valuable information accessible worldwide.


‘Holstein International continues to be the best source of information about the best cows and breeders in the world. I can’t wait until I get that email saying the next version is ready!’

Chris van den Heuvel, Fireblade Holsteins, Canada

‘When I entered the world of Holstein breeding six years ago, Holstein International was my bible. HI provided me with all that I needed to know about the industry’s history and its future. I love the style of the magazine, its professional commentary and the passion which it exudes for breeding beautiful Holstein cows. HI remains my one-stop-shop for essential knowledge on the Holstein industry.’

Mark Leslie, Australia

‘Holstein International is my favorite publication. The day it comes I read it from cover to cover if it takes till 1 AM!’
Charles J. Patrick, Tennessee (USA)

“I have subscribed to HI for quite a number of years and always enjoy receiving a new copy. Jan Bierma’s editorials always make sense, the breeder profiles are a great entertainment and the sires of interest section is very up-to-date. Thanks HI and keep up the good work.”

Bruce Hoeft, Wisconsin (10 years subscribed to HI)

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