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Maximize herd performance and farm efficiency with Nedap COWcontrol™

Let your Smarttags show you more than the expert eye can see. Day and night.
By focusing on individual cow management, you can increase your herd’s performance and farm efficiency. Nedap’s advanced Smarttags identify each cow and keep track of her signs of heat, position, eating, rumination, standing, lying, walking and inactive behavior 24/7. This provides the most precise and complete information about the fertility, health, well-being and nutritional status of individual cows and groups. Supplemented by their exact location in the barn.

Let technology serve you instead of the other way around.
Nedap COWcontrol™ smartly turns essential information into real-time and relevant alerts, to-do lists, reports and barn maps to help manage and control your herd. These actionable insights are easy to understand and presented on PC, tablet and smartphone. Nedap COWcontrol™ also integrates with your farm automation systems and dairy management programs. As a result, you and your team automatically focus on the right cows, at the right time, with the right treatment.

Make data-driven decisions to improve your bottom line.
With Nedap COWcontrol™, you manage daily operations in a targeted, proactive and efficient way. You can also improve farm management at the tactical and strategic levels, using behavior insights of your groups and entire herd. They show you how external factors and management decisions influence the herd's performance. A tool for you, your team and advisors to evaluate the impact of feeding strategies, housing conditions and milking procedures. So you can make confident choices to continuously improve your bottom line.

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