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Profit from our service by placing an advertisement:

- Professional design & layout
- 100% assistance with the development of the text and format of your advertisement
- Advertisements always appear in full colour
- Translation service (your advertisement appears in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish)
- No cost for placing additional photos
+ a free subscription to Holstein International (once per year)!
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• in the hard copy of Holstein International
• in the online edition of Holstein International
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Design Service

HI has its own design team; in consultation with you, they will compose your advertisement. This service is included in the advertisement price.

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Editorial calendar

Holstein International always aims to provide current information and respond to what is happening in the industry. For that reason, breeding related topics are always planned a month (or at the most, two) in advance. To make Holstein International as attractive as possible to our readers, we are flexible with our topics and have no yearly planning.

Upcoming Topics

Would you like to be personally notified about the topics for the coming month? Then send an email to sales@holsteininternational.com and we will ensure that you are informed monthly.

Management articles in 2018

Besides articles related to breeding, we also believe it is important to inform our breeders about international developments in the area of management. An overview of the topics of our management articles for the coming year are listed below:
Dry Cow Management - February  |  Use of Pro-Biotics and Yeast - April  |  Udder health; how to get somatic cells down - June  |  AI Techniques - August  |  Data management - October  |  Cow comfort: Mattresses vs deep bedded stalls (sand, straw, etc.) - December

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Henk Jan Tilma

Renée Bakker

Tel: (+31) 58 257 43 45
Fax: (+31) 58 257 41 00
E-mail: sales@holsteininternational.com

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