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In the upcoming issue - February

To Luck-E Holsteins!

Mention the prefix Luck-E anywhere in the world, and the association will be made immediately: powerful (Red) Holsteins, splendid type. And rightly so! Thanks, for example, to the impressive Advent daughter Asia EX-94 and her son Awesome-Red, many have found their way to Luck-E. Travel along with us in HI’s February issue.

Redwing's Report

He is not only the highest progeny-proven Red Holstein bull in North America, but with his high TPI and alternative pedigree offers a serious outcross alternative. We are talking about Rager-Red, the famous great-grandson of Ri-Val-Re Redwing. But: Rager-Red is certainly not Redwing’s only success – an extensive Redwing report appears in February.

To Hurtgenlea!

Of course, this prefix from the American state of Wisconsin will ring a bell for many: after all, their star Hurtgenlea Richard Charl is positioned in a notable third place on America’s official gTPI list. Meet the people, the cow family and the herd behind Richard Charl.


From time to time, entirely new cow families emerge, families that have been in the shadows for a long time, but suddenly with splendid results, make their way into the spotlights all at once. HI is always looking, and found this very fascinating family – read all about it in February!


Kingstead Chief Adeen is part of the impressive collection of Holstein cows with the most Excellent daughters world-wide. What has been Adeen’s impact in this way? Our overview in HI’s February edition.

In the upcoming issue - February
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