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In the upcoming issue - October

To Cookiecutter!

Everyone in Holstein breeding has an opportunity for unique success. That is proven by the Cookiecutter story, a spontaneous initiative of a group of friends which resulted in global success. Who is not familiar with the numerous high-ranking Cookiecutter animals? Their story in HI’s October issue.

To Schmidt!

His name is well-known far beyond Switzerland. However, he has not gained his reputation – as is often the case in Switzerland – from elite type, but via top production. Yes, for years already, Emil Schmidt has been Switzerland’s top milker. HI’s October edition will contain the remarkable Schmidt report.


Sensational: Nr.1 with 2718 gTPI in the US, Nr.1 with 3339 gLPI in Canada. That describes the sensational Red Holstein bull Westcoast Swingman-Red. And of course HI presents his report: in October.

Kings-Ransom Dextra

Dam of Merit. Good for EX-94. The powerful pedigree of Dorcy-Baxter-Mtoto. And descendants that are popular everywhere. That is true for Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra – her whole story in October.

In the upcoming issue - October
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