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In the upcoming issue - November

Doorman File!

Not only is he one of Canada’s highest progeny proven bulls for type, he is also one of the world’s most prominent transmitters of sons with lots of type. Yes, the Doorman name is synonymous with elite type. Time then for a special Doorman file in HI’s November issue. Do you have a special Doorman daughter? Then certainly contact HI!

To Ceresio!

Passion, special achievements and strong, deep cow families – that is an appropriate general description of the Italian Holstein farm Ceresio. And: balance in breeding is of the highest importance, emphasize the enthusiastic Martinelli brothers. Their story and their Holsteins in November’s HI.

To Selz-Pralle!

You likely have not forgotten, the tremendous world record set by Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918 for milk production last year. HI travelled to Selz-Pralle in Wisconsin and admired the world champion, and met numerous other talented animals – all about them in our November issue!


On HI’s BullTalk page in September, you met him already: Progenesis Fortune, the remarkable new sire of sons from Canada, with no less than 10 sons in the top-25. Everything about this Octoberfest son in HI’s next issue.

Larcrest's C Family

Yes, how shall we refer to this family? With Chanel, Cosmopolitan, Crimson, or… After all, every generation is a legend again! For that reason, we stick with the Larcrest C family – a comprehensive update on this elite family in November.

In the upcoming issue - November
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