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In the upcoming issue - September


International cow families, deep pedigrees, notable type… this complete package is offered by Glasson Holsteins from Great Britain. HI will provide all the details in the upcoming September edition.


In HI’s September issue we will present the candidates for the prestigious Global Cow title. Do you have a suitable candidate? Then let HI know right away, preferably before August 20.


They are the breeders of the “Fabulous Five”, five influential Goldwyn daughters of UFM-Dubs Eroy. We are referring to brothers Lance and Ryan Kamm from Nova Holsteins in Wisconsin. They are also the owner of the Red Impact winner of 2018: Aderyn. High time for the Nova story: in September.


Some cow families keep on giving. One of them is the Morningview Converse Judy family, which continues to expand smoothly with latest developments in the breed. What are the “current Judy lines” in the breed? Read about them in September – in HI.


Ten years ago, the powerful Lee daughter DT Spottie graced the cover of HI’s first Excellency issue. The proud owner of this special Spottie is the German enterprise Hahn-Radke. Now, ten years later, HI is even more impressed: read their fascinating report in September!

In the upcoming issue - November
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