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In the upcoming issue - February

To Weigeline!

Do you not recognize the Weigeline prefix? Then that will change in February. HI will report about this fascinating herd with about 200 problem-free milking cows, in which three cow families dominate. At the same time, various sires have gone to AI. Time for Weigeline!

To Sandy-Valley!

What does herd management look like on one of America’s best known breeding farms? In February, HI provides an extensive report about Sandy-Valley, home of the widely popular Sapphire family. But this time, HI’s focus is especially on the management of this farm in Wisconsin.

To La Presentation!

Nearly synonymous with the La Presentation prefix is the name Daurel, one of Canada’s brood cows with the most stars ever. Travel with HI in February as we visit this splendid farm in Quebec, Canada.

Surprising Family

In this January issue, you have read the exciting story of the powerful German brood-cow, Evelin. In February, we will again place the limelight on a German family with very surprising results. Curious who that is? Learn the answer in February!

The Great Ladys-Manor Story

Of course, it is recognized as one of the world’s most admired families: the Ladys-Manor’s Ruby Jen line. There are already no less than 14 generations with the Ladys-Manor prefix! In HI’s February issue, read the extensive family story, complete with commentary about the most prominent bulls from the family.

Elite Italian Family

It goes without saying that you recognize the names of these Italian outcross sires: the full brothers and Goldday sons Gandy Valverde and Warrior. But the family is much more than just these! Travel along in February to the Gandy herd for a close-up on this strong “famiglia”.

In the upcoming issue - October
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