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This month in HI - October

Sire of Sons selection

Always important – and critical to the success of future generations: the correct selection of sires of sons. Since the introduction of genomics, this selection has changed drastically, and HI spoke about it with various sire analysts.... and discovered that some sires of sons still remain in the picture for a quite a long time.

Battlecry Sons

Every month, HI provides a sire guide with a global overview of sons from top bulls: Like this one from Battlecry.

Red World Champion

Indeed, here she is, the brand new Red Holstein World Champion. After a highly competitive competition...


As young sires, Rubicon and Silver were popular Mogul sons. Now that they are progeny proven, they are again in the top-10! Their reports.

Italy’s highest

Italy’s very highest transmitter for type is also a top bull across the board. Here is Secretariat’s report.

This month in HI - March
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