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In the upcoming issue - November

To Bomaz!

Travel with HI in November to the special Bomaz farm in Wisconsin, the home base of a family that reigns supreme in providing successful top bulls and high genomics - the Bomaz Dalse family - currently with the bulls Cabriolet and Skywalker.

Powerball’s Imperium

In HI’s series of sire guides, we will turn our gaze in November to the polled transmitter View-Home Powerball-P, the Earnhardt son who appeared in August with an official progeny proven index. World-wide, Powerball has various intriguing sons!


Indeed, this name will be kept a secret for a bit yet… until HI’s November issue. Then you will find out which outstanding Canadian enterprise hides behind this question mark. It’s a herd with donor cows at a top index level, but at the same time, numerous Holsteins with the trusted and powerful Canadian type. Who are they? It will be revealed in November!

To Maddox!

This spring, the well-known Californian dairy Maddox Holsteins celebrated a very special milestone: they reached a total of 1400 EX, homebred Holsteins! Homebred! Plenty of reasons then for HI to focus on this farm with it’s rich history. In November.

Ricky Strength

The young Dutch top bulls Rush Hour and Radiator have once again proven the strength of the Ricky family, which earlier shone with popular transmitters like Guarini, Riverboy and Sundance. Type and index – the splendid Rickys provide it all. Their story in November’s HI.


Indeed, he is a real leader, Larcrest Commander; he has attained high progeny proven rankings in both the US and Canada. His well-deserved report follows in HI’s November edition.


In August, he broke through with a splendid daughter proven index of 2622 TPI and thus confirmed the high level that he already enjoyed as a popular young sire: Westenrade AltaSpring. Remarkably, his cow family traces back to the German Mascol and Laudan daughters Jenn and Jessica. His portrait in HI’s November edition.


Of course you know the family of the successful polled sire Ladd-P. But… did you know that his family is still very popular today: the Tiger-Lily L family? All the details can be found in HI’s November issue.

In the upcoming issue - April
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