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In the upcoming issue - May

To Holyland!

In HI, we have already written about Mixer, the forgotten brother of Mogul. He also is an outstanding transmitter, and provides superb cows. Like Holyland Elite, the dam of the high Halogen son Exactly. In May, we take you along to their birth barn of Holyland in Wisconsin, where 450 cows are being milked – of exceptional calibre.

For You!

As you read this issue, it is time for the April release; the world over, new indexes will be rolling out of computers. The avalanche of news will be tremendous, but count on HI’s editorial staff being on stand-by, so that you will find the most prominent news neatly sorted in our May issue. With portraits of the most significant toppers!

Magnificent Red & White!

Of course you have heard of the famous German Red Holstein cow Maxima. And if you have read this HI issue, then you also know of her magnificent daughter Madame (photo) that won the Schau der Besten. Add to that Madame’s full brother, the type bull Mad Max, and you realize why it is time for this top family in HI’s May issue!

Top Conformation

Looking for outstanding type out of a reliable family? Then look for HI’s May issue, which will contain the complete story of a family that is quickly rising in stature: the Our-Favorite Conceited family.


Verona (ABS), Verify (Jetstream), Racing (RUW), Victory (Select). Four sires that all trace back to a single cow: Vison-Gen Sho A12037. Read all of the details in HI May.

Hilmar’s Tour-De-Force

Would you like to meet an exceptional family? A deep cow family, which entirely in its own strength in the Californian Hilmar herd, worked itself up to the absolute DNA-top? And also achieved Gold Medal status? Read this story in HI’s May issue!

Top Trio

What do Even-Par Cannon, Vendairy Shopping and Gobi have in common? All three are popular bulls for their owners in the US, Spain and Germany. Detailed reports about this trio in HI’s May edition.

In the upcoming issue - April
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