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In the upcoming issue - April

Goldwyn’s Unparalleled Legacy

Of course, we have reported on Goldwyn numerous times. But while his last HI story appeared quite a few years ago, Goldwyn blood continues to dominate in many places. It’s time for Goldwyn’s golden chapter: in HI’s April edition.

To Petitclerc!

High quality Holsteins, elite conformation and show success – these terms are closely connected to the Canadian prefix Petitclerc. In HI’s next issue, travel with us to this fascinating breeding enterprise in the Canadian province of Quebec. For all the secrets from the Petitclerc herd.

Sensational: Melarry Genes

Melarry Frazzled, Melarry Miles, Melarry Fergal, Melarry Freckle… various high ranking sires are emerging out of this powerful American family. All the details about this intriguing dynasty in HI’s upcoming issue: April.

The Epic Effect

It is unmissable: the surprising influence of Epic as a sire of sons and as the maternal grandsire of numerous popular sires world-wide. HI reports: in April.

Beart Close-Up

Progeny proven, extremely high type and still a high total index – these are the accomplishments of Beacon son Beart in Germany. 1524 classified daughters confirm his 139 RZE type, 4,693 milking daughters support his high total index RZG. Beart’s portrait in HI April.

Red Holstein Special With Redhot-Red!

HI’s April issue is dedicated to Red Holsteins, with 2 publications about red & white giants: (1) 15 candidates for the Red Impact title, and (2), the most used Red Holstein sires world-wide in 2016. With a portrait of the new progeny proven US sire Moses-Red, and with an article about the splendid family of Heatherstone RedHot-Red! Do not miss this Red Holstein attraction!

Red Holstein Giants

Who are currently the most influential cows in Red Holstein breeding? If you have candidates, then let HI know soon, because the 15 candidates competing for the prestigious Red Impact title 2017 will be introduced in April’s HI.

In the upcoming issue - April
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