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This month in HI - March


It has rightly become of the essential topics in Holstein breeding: fertility. During the past 15 years, the number of experiences with breeding and fertility has grown significantly. For that reason, HI takes an extensive look at fertility under the motto: what can we achieve with breeding?

Top Red Holstein

Vogue Revival-Red is America’s highest Red Holstein bull for gTPI. His report.


Is the ranking for TPI the same as the one for RZG? No. HI provides insight.

Top conformation

The world’s highest type sires do not always appear on the total index lists. So here is a special overview.

Top combination

Morningview Kingboy combines a top-10 TPI score with +3.16 PTAT… progeny proven.

Top gTPI

A new family hides behind the nr.1 sire for gTPI. Time for a fascinating introduction.

This month in HI - March
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